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I understand that the past few games that Hedberg has played in have not been good, but to boo your goalie and start obnoxious chants as he’s walking off the ice is so disgusting and disrespectful. DEVILS fans in the Diablos 122 should be ashamed of their behavior. You are all disgusting pigs. To tell a man to kill himself because he let goals in is absolutely reprehensible. Be embarrassed, assholes.

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posted on March 5, 2013
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    This isn’t surprising because the Diablos are the kind of fans who fuck up the spelling of “Devils” while doing a chant....
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    That’s awful. Just horrid
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  7. xxbrokdreamsxx said: omg they said that?! I was in section 120 and went to 209 after the 2nd. the row behind me were talking about soccer in english AND in spanish. If you want Moose benched then bench the whole team cuz no goals are being scored felt bad for moose
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    I couldn’t agree more. I felt so horrible for Hedberg especially since that last goal wasn’t even his fault. And it’s...
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  10. larssonadam said: this happened? where i was sitting, everyone was cheering him as he left the ice. i heard a lot of moose chants but they could’ve been boos. it’s honestly so disrespectful and disgusting. he’s a great goalie and deserves credit for that. omfg
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